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BurlingtonJunior School

Year 3

English Homework 

English homework will be sent home every Friday and is due back on the following Wednesday. The homework set will be available on the website should your child misplace theirs

This term the children have been given a task sheet with various activities including written homework, drawing, making and visiting..

Each week the children can choose a task and bring it in as usual on Wednesday. If  for example they do the visiting task then maybe you could take some photographs and they could write about what they saw and learnt.


The children are encouraged to try and read for at least 10 mins everyday. They must record this reading in their diary and an adult should sign the diary.

Spelling homework

This term the children will be getting additional spelling homework. This will be a list of words in their homework books. It is also available on the website (click link below) should your child lose theirs. The children will be tested on these words through dictation in their Spelling and Grammar lessons during the week.


This will be set by the class teacher every week, and children should know their logins. If there is any problem logging in or being able to find the work set, then please speak to the teacher as soon as possible so the problem can be resolved before the homework is due.


This term in science we are looking at Healthy Living. The children will learn about healthy living choices and about parts of the skeleton. They are welcome to research in their own time.