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Who to contact if you're worried

From time to time people can feel sad, worried or anxious.
Sometimes people can feel like this but they may not know why.
Usually, if people feel sad, worried or anxious, there is a reason.

The good news is that at Burlington, everyone is here to help you feel happier.

Top Tip 1 – Talk to someone you trust

  • You can talk to people at home, your parents, grandparents, friends or relatives.
  • You can discuss things with your friends.
  • You can talk to any member of staff at school: your teacher or teaching assistant, a lunchtime supervisor, a member of the office team, or a school leader. We’re all here and ready to listen.
  • Your teachers will tell you how you can share a worry in class – this might be by adding your name to a whiteboard to let them know that you want a quiet word, writing a note for the adults in your class to read or simply asking them to have a chat.

Top Tip 2 – There are other people who can help you too

  • When children don’t want to talk to someone they know, sometimes they like to contact Childline by calling 0800 1111.


Childline’s website contains lots of useful information as well as tips and ideas to help you, no matter what the problem is. There is also an online message board where you can search for advice from people with similar problems.

Support with Bullying

Our School Council would like to share some Top Anti-Bullying Tips with others to help children who may be experiencing bullying.

Please open the document below called 'Top Anti-Bullying Topics for Children' if you would like to find out more about this.

Remember, it's always important to speak out and talk to a trusted adult if you experience anything that upsets you. 


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