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BurlingtonJunior School

Secondary School Destinations

It is a good idea to think about where your child might attend secondary school at least a year before you have to make your final decision. Some schools have entrance examinations or other entry requirements which you will need to know about in advance.

We recommend that you visit secondary schools by attending open days where possible to find out more about the school and meet some of its staff. 

Preparing Our Pupils for Transition to Year 7

Our Year 6 teachers ensure that our pupils are able to learn about secondary school in a supportive environment and ask questions about life in Year 7. Our pupils will find out about the similarities and differences between Burlington and secondary schools and we will support them in feeling prepared for their next step. Pupils are encouraged to share their experiences of open day visits and transition days with their classes. Where possible, school staff from local secondary schools may visit our pupils to answer questions about transition so that our pupils feel prepared for what's next. 

The document below shares the secondary school destinations of our Year 6 pupils over the last two years. 

Secondary School Admissions

For details of all the schools in the borough and information on admissions and appeals please view the Royal Borough of Kingston Secondary School webpages.

The closing date for applications for to start secondary school (Year 7) is usually at the end of October.