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BurlingtonJunior School


We aim to foster an enthusiasm and excitement for science through interactive activities and experiences. Throughout their time at Burlington Junior School, children will develop their scientific enquiry skills so that they can apply their scientific knowledge when using equipment, conducting experiments, building arguments and explaining concepts confidently. Doing this develops our pupils’ natural curiosity and encourages respect for living organisms and the physical environment around us. During weekly science lessons, we encourage children to continuously ask questions and be curious about their surroundings.

"I love learning new facts and knowing how it links to the world."

Year 5 Pupil

Throughout each unit of learning, teachers assess their pupils' understanding through their written work, their practical work, their discussions in class and their responses to quizzes. 

Burlington Junior School has achieved the Primary Science Quality Mark.

Our Curriculum Overview

The subject overview for science follows the National Curriculum for science in Key Stage Two. It begins from the point reached at the end of Key Stage One and shows progression through the year groups. You can find our science overview at the bottom of this page. 

Enrichment in Science

Within lessons, pupils use a wide variety of equipment to ensure lessons are practical, which helps them to develop their understanding.

Every year at Burlington Junior School, we celebrate British Science Week, which is filled with additional activities to help our pupils develop their scientific enquiry skills.

"I love the practical activities we do in class. It was so fun during science week working with my table group."

Year 3 Pupil

Years 5 and 6 also visit a local secondary school, where they are involved in investigations within a science lab. This creates a greater passion for the subject and allows them to see how science is taught later on in their education. 

To help Year 5 children develop their knowledge and curiosity of Earth and space, they experience a 'Science Dome' as part of their learning. 

"It is fun working with my partner and thinking about how we will investigate a topic."

Year 6 Pupil