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BurlingtonJunior School

Remote Learning & Google Classroom

In line with Government guidance, we have developed contingency plans for blended and remote learning, should our pupils need to access this due to having to self-isolate. We aim to ensure that there is alignment as far as possible between face-to-face and remote education, so that should pupils need to self-isolate, they can transition smoothly back into the classroom having followed the same curriculum sequence and content as their peers.

Our approach makes use of three tiers of remote learning which are dependent on two factors:

  • The amount of time that a pupil is having to isolate for (approximately 24 - 48 hours or 10 - 14 days) and, 
  • Whether an individual pupil or a whole class bubble is having to isolate at home. 

For more information about our tiered approach, please read the document below titled, 'Our tiered approach to blended learning - information for parents'.

If a child is ill, we would not expect them to complete remote learning. With rest, they are more likely to have a speedy recovery and be able to return to school more quickly. 



Please click on the individual year group pages for tier one resources and activities. 



Our online education platform is Google Classroom. In the event of a school closure, please get your child to login to Google Classroom daily, as teachers will be updating their classroom with tasks and it will allow children to communicate with one another. Please encourage your child to post comments on their classroom stream and upload any work that they have completed. 

Pupils will be set regular homework tasks using Google Classroom to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to practise using this resource with the support of their teachers, should they need to complete remote learning tasks independently.

How To login to Google Classroom:

1. Visit  and open classroom. 

2. Login with the username that is in the school diary followed by after it.


3. Type in the password that is stuck in the school diary.‚Äč

4. You may be redirected to an LGfL USO login page. Now use only the username and password that is stuck in the school diary.

5. Click the 'join' button if you have been invited to join a classroom. If you cannot see your class, click on the plus icon and type in the join code provided by your class teacher. Once you have joined the class, you will be able to click on the class name to enter your Google Classroom. 


Top Tip: Login through the Chrome web browser on any device and the school bookmarks will be synchronised with your device. 

Google classroom video help - please click the links below:

How to hand in your work to teacher

Find work that is assigned to you

Attach a file to the assignment (Home Learning Task)

Check feedback from a teacher



Sumdog - a free online maths tool

Sumdog is another amazing online maths tool where children can learn maths through fun and games, and the best thing is that it's free.  The questions seem easy to start with as it tries to asses what level your child is working at, but then the questions become more targeted to your child's needs. Click the tab on the left hand side to see more information.