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BurlingtonJunior School

Religious Education (R.E.)

Through R.E., children will develop a deeper understanding of world religions, preparing them well for life in modern Britain, where British values are upheld and where people live alongside others from different faiths and cultures with respect and tolerance.

Our R.E. Learning Journey

The school has no affiliation with any religion but follows the Kingston Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. This syllabus aims to help children develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and the other principal religions in our society. 

Some year groups also have a series of lessons taught by Insight, a Christian group, who support Kingston schools.

Enrichment in R.E.

Throughout their time at Burlington Junior School, pupils participate in a number of workshops and assemblies which enhance pupils' learning about different religions. This includes a Diwali workshop in year 4, Ramadan assemblies, Insight assemblies sharing stories about Easter and a visit to our local church. 

In the classroom, pupils are encouraged to share their own experiences of religious festivals and celebrations with their classes.

Useful Learning Links

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