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Our Phonics Intentions:

At Burlington Junior School we aim to provide a stimulating reading environment which enables every child to become an enthusiastic, independent and confident reader by the end of Key Stage 2.

Our Phonics Implementation:

When joining Burlington Junior School, all children in Year 3 are assessed according to the Read, Write Inc. baseline assessment. Children who have not met expectations in phonics at the end of Year 2, are taught on a 1:1 basis, daily throughout Year 3. These 1:1 interventions make use of Read, Write Inc. resources which support synthetic phonics teaching in a systematic way.

Throughout Key Stage 2, children continue to make use of their phonics skills to enable them to decode and blend sounds in unfamiliar or tricky words. Children also develop their abilities to understand, interpret and infer meaning in a variety of different texts and genres. Reading is developed in this way through:

    - Guided reading in small groups

   - Whole class guided reading

   - Buddy reading across year groups

   - 1:1 daily reading

   - Independent reading

   - Booster groups and small 1:1 interventions

   - Toe by Toe scheme

Reading Scheme

Once children have shown that they have met expectations in phonics, they move on to the Collins Big Cat resources as our colour-coded reading scheme. This helps children become fluent readers before becoming an independent reader.

The Collins Big Cat colour-coded reading scheme is shown below:

Image result for big cat reading bands"

For a more detailed explanation of the above bands and expectations please click on the link below

Independent Readers

    To encourage independent reading in school and at home, children are able to select differentiated books to        read according to their reading ability and they are also able to borrow both fiction and non-fiction books              from the school library and their class book corners. Teachers in all year groups read aloud to classes as often      as possible to enthuse about texts, encourage enthusiasm and to model reading as an essential and useful           skill.

   For more information about reading at Burlington Junior School, please see the reading section in the                     ‘Teaching and Learning’ Policy.

    Useful links to help your child with their phonics at home: