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BurlingtonJunior School

Parent Representatives

What are Parent Representatives?

At the beginning of each academic year, a parent (or two) from each class steps forward to become a class representative.  Normally parents are invited to a meeting to find out about being a parent rep and if they are interested, they can put themselves forward.  As a group they meet with our parent network coordinator on a termly basis.  The meeting provides an opportunity to discuss any issues or concerns parents may have expressed.  They are also invaluable in canvassing ideas and working together in finding solutions and ways in which our school can move forward.  These meetings are informal although minutes are kept and distributed to each representative.  Any parents of the school are then welcome to view them if they wish.

The parent representatives group is an important communication link.  It gives parents an awareness of the wider picture, how decisions are made and the reasoning behind them.  This is important even if the outcome that parents may have been hoping for cannot be agreed.  It is hoped that through an improved understanding of how and why things are done, parents are encouraged to remain active and better informed partners and participants in the life of their school.

If you are interested in becoming a parent rep, please ask at the office.