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BurlingtonJunior School


History enables children to gain a better understanding of their world and how it has evolved, as well as an appreciation of the world we live in today. Children study a variety of historical periods including ancient civilisations and British history from the Stone Age to World War Two as well as developing their historical skills. Topics also draw on our local history and culture to help give them a sense of identity and place.

As part of their learning, children use a range of sources such as written texts, art, artefacts, music and many more. Recently, we have included the use of virtual reality headsets in the classroom as a way for children to experience the past. 

At Burlington Junior School, we celebrate the children's successes as historians through purposeful opportunities including written work, drama and displays. This enables our pupils to demonstrate and present their knowledge and historical skills. 

"I enjoy learning about what has happened in the past and how people made sacrifices to make our world a better place. My learning inspires me to make a difference."

Year 6 Pupil

Our History Overview

Our history overview works alongside the National Curriculum as well as taking into consideration the children's previous learning in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, and their future learning in Key Stage 3. This allows the children to build on their prior knowledge and skills whilst also preparing them for history lessons in secondary school. Each unit of learning has a key enquiry questions which encourages pupils to utilise their knowledge and skills. 


Year 6 Victorian Day 

Enrichment in History

Throughout their time at Burlington, children will take part in history theme days where they will have the opportunity to dress up, take part in authentic activities and have visits from experts. We also commemorate Remembrance Day and Black History Month.

The pupils participate in many history trips such as visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum and Kensington Palace.

"I learn about how my life is different from people's lives in the past and we can learn from mistakes made in the past."

Year 5 Pupil

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