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The geography curriculum at Burlington Junior School aims to inspire in students a curiosity and fascination about the world that they live in. They are encouraged to understand and appreciate the differences between people, places, environments and cultures. Geography plays a key role in developing pupils’ global awareness. It helps pupils make sense of the world in which they live and to understand their role within a global society.

Burlington Junior School is fortunate to be part of a diverse, multicultural community and geography enables pupils to bring their own knowledge and experiences into the classroom. Lessons continue to develop pupils' knowledge of our local area as well as the wider world including the Amazon Rainforest, the Arctic Circle and the United States of America. Locations have been chosen to enable pupils to build on prior learning from Key Stage One and to support pupils in drawing comparisons. Pupils are also able to explore locations which are relevant to our community, such as investigating mountain ranges in Korea, as well as in Europe when learning about mountains in Year 5. 

Fieldwork, map work, critical thinking and computing resources (such as Digimaps) are used to develop geographical skills and support pupils in participating in fieldwork. 

Our Geography Learning Journey

The learning journey for geography follows the National Curriculum for geography in Key Stage Two. It begins from the point reached at the end of Key Stage One and builds knowledge through each year group. 

Enrichment in Geography

To support their learning, pupils take part in field studies and day trips around the local area and London, as well as residential trips. In Year 5, pupils visit Southsea as a contrasting location in the United Kingdom and learn more the physical and human geography of this seaside town. 

Any educational trip or visit which takes pupils beyond our local area develops children's geographical knowledge. This could be by exploring London Underground maps or planning routes to a London Museum.

Pupils have opportunities to become their class 'eco-warrior' who work together to look after the school environment and encourage others to take care of our planet. 

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