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BurlingtonJunior School


It is our intention when teaching the English curriculum that our pupils obtain the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to become lifelong readers and writers. We strive to ensure that all of our pupils receive a well-rounded learning experience when reading, writing, speaking and listening, which will give them the fundamental tools to achieve throughout their life. We aim to immerse pupils in the wonders of quality texts, to instil a love for reading, a passion for discovery and a confidence to explore their imagination.

For more information about how we teach reading at Burlington Junior School, please visit our reading website page

Our English Overview

Each English topic is planned around a high quality text. We carefully select each text to include a range of rich vocabulary, stimulating content and diversity to add to our children's cultural capital. The children will start by reading and exploring the text through a range of methods such as analysis, drama and exploring vocabulary. Once the text has been explored, children are given time to gather and plan content before beginning their own writing. Children are given opportunities to write within a range of genres as well as for a range of purposes. 

These handpicked books are full of creative hooks and teaching covers learning objectives set out in the National Curriculum. The fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts taught introduce complex vocabulary, characters and settings, which helps children to generate ideas to inspire them in their own writing. It is also a fantastic way of introducing children to new genres and different text types as they progress through the school and on to their next stage of learning.

"There have been a lot of resources throughout my time at Burlington that have helped me improve my writing, such as high-quality books. We complete a variety of written genres and there is always time given to edit each piece so we can learn to improve our work."

"Burlington has taught me that we all have our own strengths and that there is always the necessity to build on your confidence, so, go out of your comfort zone and explore different styles of writing."

Year 6 Pupil 

Enrichment in English

We are continually looking to promote English within the school and develop chlidren's confidence and enjoyment of reading and writing. This is achieved using a range of resources and activities: a well-resourced library; regular author visits; participation in book festivals; school trips to book stores; celebrations of English through curriculum days such as World Book Day.

"Burlington has given me the opportunity to read informative and inspiring books. The main school library and every classroom's book corner is full of books! I have found so many new books to read that entertain me and help me grow my vocabulary. There are always opportunities to read new books during events such as World Book Day and book fairs. I love it when we are given tokens to buy new books or are taken on school trips to book shops."

Year 4 Pupil

Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Handwriting

Grammar and punctuation play a key role in writing. At Burlington, specific grammar skills are selected to link with what the children are writing. They are taught these key skills and then given the opportunity to use these skills in their writing.