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BurlingtonJunior School

PGL Update - Wednesday

PGL Update Wednesday 24th May

Wednesday is turning into a beautiful day at PGL. The sun is a little bit brighter, everyone a little more rested after a good night's sleep and even the breakfast hash browns are a little bit tastier. The children have been firing arrows, climbing to great heights and building rafts. A few people even managed not to fall off their raft and into the pond (but then chose to jump in anyway). The food is proving very popular. We've had curries, burgers and shepherd's pie, along with some slightly random choices from the salad bar - we've all enjoyed learning that the limit to the number of boiled eggs you can eat in a meal is surprisingly low. If this wasn't enough, our first visit to the PGL shop has provided children with a range of popular, if not necessarilly healthy, snacks for any spare moment of hunger. In short, the children and indeed the adults are having a great time. We'll send another update tomorrow.