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BurlingtonJunior School

New Outdoor Gym Equipment

We have received a sum of money as part of the school ‘Sports Premium’ and also from the newly introduced government ‘sugar tax’. Both these amounts of money have to be spent on helping children become more active and involved in sports. They also have to be spent this academic year. We have decided to use the money to purchase an outdoor gym. The gym has been designed to allow between 10-15 children to use at a time and is situated on an all-weather surface so that they can use this all through the year. The equipment is being installed on the field this week. If the installation goes to plan, children will start using the equipment during the week of 4th March. We will rota each class so that they all get a fair chance to use this during break and lunchtimes. We do ask the children not to use this before or after school, which is the same rule for the other equipment on the field.