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BurlingtonJunior School

Maths Area

During a recent discussion about maths teaching some parents expressed interest in having a guide as to how calculations are taught at Burlington Juniors.

So here it is:

We hope that children will become easily able to calculate most of what they need to quickly in their heads .

When they can't do this,

they will - by the end of Year 6 - be able to use reliable column methods (with which you will probably be familiar) and be able to use a calculator and understand what it tells them in the context of a specific problem. The number lines, grids and chunking, that you might not be familiar with, are steps along the path to column calculations and towards mental agility in calculation.

The first link below is to a brief guide to some of the unfamilar tools for calculation we introduce to children.

The next four links are detailed descriptions (from the old Numeracy Strategy) of the kind of mathematics learning each year group in school aims at.

Sometimes we go further! And of course all children are individual and learn differently.

In those long descriptions - well worth reading - you can find examples of the way children's calculation methods are expected to progress.