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BurlingtonJunior School

International Links


After our successful pen friend exchange, and a number of visits to/from Ghana, St Peter's School in Nsuta, Ashanti Region,  Burlington is continuing to maintain this cross-curricular link and support the school in developing their ICT provision.

We raised over £3500 to help build an ICT suite in 2015 , in collaboration with Coombe Girls', and in January 2018 we donated a set of laptops to help develop their computer education further.



Last year, our pupils took part in a modern foreign languages competition organised for all the primary schools in Kingston and Merton. The theme was to write a holiday story in French.

Shiromi from Yr 6 was the winner of the competition.

You can view her winning entry below.


This academic year, a large number of students have entered another linguistic competition: 'Mi casa' (about describing a house in a different language). The winners will be known shortly before Easter.



Tester lessons 

In the summer term, a group of Y9 students from Coombe Boys' and Coombe Girls' School will come to visit Burlington to teach tester lessons in French, Spanish and German.

Additionally, during the last few weeks of the term, Year 6 will be taught Italian.




Our other British Council International projects have been:

  • A Taste of Europe
  • Me, Myself and My Tale
  • Spanish link with Escola Setelsis