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BurlingtonJunior School


The Governing Body has a very strong, strategic role to play in terms of its functions of the progress of the school. It works by establishing a strategic framework by:

     ·     setting aims and objectives for the school

     ·         adopting policies for achieving those aims and objectives

     ·         setting targets for achieving those aims and objectives.

The Governing Body monitors and evaluates the progress of its strategies and regularly reviews the framework for the school in light of that progress.  The Governing Body takes into account advice given by the Headteacher and the School Improvement Partner (SIP) when it is establishing the strategic framework and reviewing the progress made.

Governors are responsible for the performance management of the Headteacher, however, the Headteacher has responsibility for the management of the teachers, support staff and the school and for the implementation of the strategic framework as established by the Governing Body.  Governors are not expected to be involved in the detail of the day-to-day management of the school.  In practice this means that the Governing Body’s role is one of strategic leadership.  Thus the focus of the work of a governing body is school improvement and high standards of educational achievement.

Having identified the school's needs and priorities through the school self evaluation form, the Governing Body then agrees a plan with clear targets for improvement and success criteria.   The implementation of the plan is down to the Headteacher. However, the Governing Body reviews progress made on this plan at each Governing Body meeting and agrees any action required in relation to the strategic aims on the plan.  

The Headteacher is responsible for leading the staff in regular evaluation of all aspects of the school and must ensure that the school self evaluation is robust and evidence based. Areas for development and improvement must be identified. The Headteacher must report the outcomes of the evaluation to the Governing Body and this is done via the Headteacher's report. This is done at every Governing Body meeting. The quality of the information provided, on a timely basis, means that the Governing Body can fulfil its function.  By working in this way, the two can work in synergy and deliver the best possible education for the pupils.

There are 5 full governing body meetings  a year the Governing Body's work, although there is also a Resource and Finance Committee which meets regularly and  monitors personnel, premises, the budget and health and safety issues.

Each governor takes on a year group responsibility with a focus on SEN and PP within that year group. This is reported back to full governors. Governors also track children through the school, to monitor how the SDP priorities have a direct impact. Some Governors have a particular responsibility for tracking SEN and Pupil Premium progress as well as health and safety matters.

The number of governors in each school is set out in a legal document called the Instrument of Government. We have Parent Governors, who have children at the school at the time they are appointed, as well as local community, Local Authority and staff governors.  A governor's term lasts four years. Please do come and observe a Governing Body meeting if you wish. Dates are always advertised in the newsletter. All welcome.


“We believe that every child has the right to achieve his or her full potential, regardless of their gender, race, language, physical ability, special educational needs or socio-economic background. We ensure that every child has equal access to all areas of school life and full entitlement to the curriculum. It is our aim to positively promote school life and full entitlement to the curriculum. We value all members of our school community.”


Mr. Jason Lebidineuse BA(Hons)  DipArch RIBA- Chair of Governors 

I am a Community Governor with two children,one at Secondary School and the other in Year 5 in the Junior School. My wife works at the school as a Teaching Assistant. As a family we participate in all aspects of the school and think it is very important to support our community.

As part of my role I am the Link Governor to Art & Design, sit on the Finance Committee as well as participate in the main full Governor meetings.

I qualified as an Architect in 1997 and have worked for a large commercial practice called Scott Brownrigg for over 11 years. During this time I have had the responsibility for designing buildings in all sectors of the industry and managed large teams of architects and consultants. With my experience I have assisted both the Junior and Infant Schools in their expansion programmes.

Stefan Bown- Shared Vice Chair 

I am a Community Governor having had two children in both Burlington Infants and Burlington Junior Schools some years ago. Being a School Governor gives an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to the local community and the education of the next generation by supporting, and being a critical friend to, the staff at the school. With my background in a career in the music business and as well as my governor role I am passionate about music in schools. I am delighted to see how the school continues to grow and develop and maintain the very highest standards in all areas under its Head and Deputy Head in the challenging arena of modern education.

Kitti Kottasz  

I am a co-opted Governor and currently I am link Governor to Year 4 with Joan Daniel. Both my children are now at secondary school, but they were Burlington pupils and were very happy here. 

I work for the Royal College of Psychiatrists.



Anusha Stewart 

As an old pupil of Burlington, I feel privileged to have been co-opted onto the school’s governing body. I am committed to providing the best possible education for every child in the school together with the other governors and staff, in partnership with parents and carers.

My background is in financial services, where I worked for 10 years in derivatives and risk management, before re training as a Secondary Maths teacher, working in schools in South West London and Surrey. This role really fuelled my passion and motivation to see the children flourish and improve their chances of educational enrichment.

I am also a member of the education advisory board of Kidzania London. This child size city provides a realistic educational environment where children can imagine and role play traditionally adult activities, eg. pilot, doctor, fireman, etc…

I have two boys aged 5 and 8.

Simon Campbell


I am pleased to be able to support the school as a co-opted governor. I am a parent of children at the school. 

I work for a Financial Services company in Change Management and hope to provide business management input the team.’

Joan Daniels 

I am a co-opted governor with a son  and 2 daughters who are former Burlington pupils.

I have lived in New Malden for over 30 years and work part-time as a clinic nurse in the Burns Unit at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

 Stuart Lothian

I have recently joined the Governing Board in 2016 as a parent governor, with a son and daughter in the junior school and another daughter in the infants. I work for a financial systems consultancy in central London, and have lived in New Malden for over 30 years.

Ann Bastow 

I am a co-opted governor with responsibility for SEND and I am also a link governor for Year 5 in 2017-18. I have two sons in Burlington Junior School in Years 3 and 6.

Professionally, I have worked for the BBC for the past 12 years as a strategy adviser to the governing board and, more recently, as a business and financial adviser to BBC Radio 3.

Siobhain Griffin 

I have been a co- opted Governor at the Junior school since March 2017. I have a daughter in year 4 and another daughter currently in the Infant school in year 2.  


I am a HR Manager for a London Medical School and have lived in New Malden for almost 7 years. 


Viviana Patterson 

My name is Viviana Patterson. I have a daughter in the Juniors. My family and I have lived in New Malden for a number of years. 

I have experience of working in school settings which supports my role as a governor. 



 Celina Summerhays-  Staff Governor

"I am Head of Year 3 at Burlington Junior School. I moved from Hampshire to London and have been at this school since September 2015. I'm very passionate about teaching and I feel extremely privileged to work in such a fantastic school. I joined the governing body in September 2016 as I'm really interested in and committed to finding ways to improve the school and provide the children with the best possible education."

 Mrs P Hall- Staff Governor

I have worked in both the Infants and Junior Schools for over 30 years. My 2 boys came to this school and found it really friendly so I was really pleased when I was offered a job. I am now a HLTA and enjoy all aspects of this position.