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BurlingtonJunior School

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  • 21/07/17

    School closes at 2pm

    This Friday, school will close at 2pm for the Summer Holidays...
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  • 20/07/17

    Cavendish House

    Cavendish House finished up as winners of the house points...
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  • 19/07/17

    Yr 3 to Beverley Park

    This visit will take place from 9-11am...
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  • 18/07/17

    Yr5 & 6-World Athletics

    Yr 5 &6 visit to Olympic Park for the London World Athletics 2017...
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  • 13/07/17

    Parents' Picnic

    All parents are invited to a picnic on the field from 12-1.30pm...
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  • 12/07/17

    Yr 5- Southsea Trip

    Yr 5 will visit Southsea today...
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  • 07/07/17

    PTA Cake Sale

    There will be a cake sale after school this Friday...
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  • 06/07/17

    Raynes Park Activity Day

    Yr 5 will attend Raynes Park High this Friday from 09.00-3.30pm...
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  • 04/07/17

    Country Dancing

    Yr 5 Scorpius and Mensa class to attend the country dancing festival...
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  • 03/07/17

    New Malden Library

    Yr 5 will visit the library at various times throughout the day...
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  • 29/06/17

    Yr 5 Sleepover

    Children should arrive at 6.30pm for the sleepover...
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  • 28/06/17

    Yr 4 Polka Theatre

    Yr 4 will visit the Polka Theatre today...
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